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My name is Bolot Bochkarev. I am based in Yakutsk, the administrative center of the biggest Siberian region called the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Siberian Wonders! is my personal initiative. I live in Yakutia and I am really curious about how other Siberian regions live. Consider this blog site as my attempt to explore Siberia and its most interesting parts. It is my never-ending song about Russia’s Siberia.

I am not going to pursue you with often updates and any kind of promotion tricks in order to multiply readership. Actually, I will tell my stories or my friends’ stories at our own pace. When I found something really interesting, I will share it with you for sure.

Join me in quest of very fascinating stuff about Siberia, Russia! Let’s make Siberia rock!

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P.S. Currently, I run the travel company, Visit Yakutia LLC. When I have free time, try to update blogs, ie about Yakutia (eYakutia.com – English Yakutia and YakutiaPhoto.com.


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